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Name's Michael, I try to make the best out of everything. It gets hard sometimes but i cant complain. Its life and you alone can't change a thing. SO just enjoy yourself.

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Permalink Gotham City Impostors is a good idea for a video game, i downloaded the trial and played it for the time i was allowed, and the game just didn’t feel natural to me. The shooting was kinda difficult to get the hang of at first. The “perks” that each player had were kinda lame. The some of the maps were alittle to small. You were running around and be for you knew it you are dead from getting shot in the back. I mean this is my opinion, you can judge for yourself. 
Permalink So just moved in to Verona, pa. Been here for about a week. The house is looking really good. There is still some work to be down, but it will be all worth it. This is my room its still bare i have pictures and posters to put up, as soon as i unpack them. 
Permalink I love the city at night, i hope to have someone to share the view with someday.

This Girl.

So there is this girl, we been friends for awhile. She and I get along so well. I think she is the coolest girl ever. I never met someone like her. She is always there when i need to talk or when i’m lonely. I cant explain what i feel when we talk. I hope things will work out for her and me, I would love to see where the relationship would go.